The Battlefront of Silver Sand
Name 名字 銀砂戰線
Series 系列 ''Unknown''
Genre 種類 Sci-fi, Military
Status 狀況 Unfinished

Chapter 1Edit

It's just sand, sand, sand and sand in sight, without the faintest breeze, its a rare windless day.  Although the air is clear, land far away looks like a wavy sea due to the mirage casued by the scorching sand.  In this ocean of sand, one can see a tabulasaurus riding on the stream of hot air rising from the heated ground, soaring high up in the sky.

A hoverbike has landed at the peak of a dune, person in the back seat of the hoverbike handed the binoculars to the person in the front seat, and that person briefly looked at the tabulasaurus before trying to look at what is beneath it on the ground.

"Is it him?" The one in the front seat asked.

"Can't really see the ground, but a tubulasaurus flying around this area should be the one."

The two are both wearing cloaks and have turbans to block the dazzling sun light, but the voice from the front indicates that's a female.

"Flying around 20 km above, isn't it?" The man in the back puts on his googles, and started the engine, "It's no longer safe to stay here."

The hoverbike blows up the sand and dust while floating up about 30 cm, turned 90 degrees and accelerated.  The female in front hanged the binoculars on her neck, and put on her googles as well.  The hoverbike then cuts through the sea of sand heading away from where the tabulasaurus is.

Further away, one can see great sand storms rushing in, and the desert of silver sand slowly greets its night fall.  Along with the curtain of the night, the sea of sand is again covered by a suffocating sand storm.  The Silver Sand Land Bridge area has a lot of sand storms all along, but at the night fall of a windless day, two great walls of sand always forms from the two coastlines and crushes in, although the strength of the storm will weaken when the ground temperature lowers deep in the night, the storm can still last for a month or two until the next windless day.

Chapter 2Edit

Azivay, the frontier city of the Empire of Federal States, was the last free standing city of the state of Darien, which now formed an exile government within the Civitatum Foederatarum. The Empire took over the city 15 years ago, and conquered the whole Silver Land Bridge.