Helio-sphere Records is an open setting, anyone can use this setting to create their own story.  The main stories of the series will be written in Chinese, feel free to translate them into English.  Thank you in advance.

Helio Sphere Records
Name 名字 機裝戰紀
Series 系列 Helio-sphere Records
Genre 種類 Sci-fi
Status 狀況 Unfinished


In order to obtain more resources, the habitats started wars after wars.  The Outer Space Treaty countries signed during 20th century's 60's was basically moot.  Other than protection from all the dangers from outer space, space stations, satellite bases and habitats have to further defend against the greatest danger of all: Military invasion from humans.

United Earth Calender, human civilization has extended to Saturn the sphere, and wherever human go, war will always follow.


Asteroid Belt Front

Space battles around the resource asteroids, most battles conducted in space.

Resource Asteroid 4942 4942 Munroe Stone type asteroid/Minor Planet, main resource is Silican.

Earth Front

Mars Front

Jupiter Moon Front

Saturn Moon Front